Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coastal Scents Gel Liners

Last summer these liners were the talk of the beauty community. Well I never had the urge to try them as I figured I'd stick to my $15 MAC fluidline.
Well mine finally kicked the bucket and I was dreading buying a new one. So I figured what the hell I'll try these thing everyone was talking about. Well come to find out I LOVE them. they glide on so smoothly and stay put for the most part. I would say they are great dupes for those who dont wanna chunk out $15 for gel liner. They come in 25 different colors so I figured I would order 4 just to try them out, I mean at $6.95 each who wouldn't right?!

Well I placed my ordered around 1:30pm and around 11ish I checked my email for payment confirmation and whatnot. To my surprise my entire order had already been shipped (which by the way was free standard shipping). So by the time i got home from work the next day I was greeted with my package.
I cant wait to order some of the other colors. But for now here are the 4 I have:





***btw here is the cute little bag they came in (: ***

(disclaimer: I bought all these with MY MONEY. Coastal Scents had absolutely nothing to do with this review. I truely love them and reccomend them. I DID NOT recieve these items for free)

-xoxox brandi-

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