Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Birthday: Week 1

Our oldest Baby Girl is turning 5 & we're having her Birthday in approximately 7 weeks! 

Since we have 3 kids, Cat, Bills, etc. We decided it'd be best to do a little here and there so in 7 weeks she'll have one of the best parties ever! 

Since I already update on my weight loss journey every Wednesday, I'll update on the "party progress" every Thursday. (:

Step 1: Create your budget. (ours was $80 for decorations)
Step 2: Choose your Location. (our backyard)
Step 3: Choose your theme. (Hello Kitty/Candy Land)
Step 4: Design your Party.
Step 5: Make a list.
Step 6: Shop Around multiple stores.

Ok So as stated above, our decorations budget was $80. I got away with so much since we don't have to rent out a location. She called her Birthday theme last September so that was the easiest part. That is, until she decided she needed to throw in Candy-Land. Whatever.

I got to looking around Pinterest & Google to get some good ideas of how to mesh these two together. I then sat down & drew up what I wanted her "main table" to look like. (I would upload it but #1 my drawing sucks & #2 It would take away the surprise for those attending that also read this blog)

Anywho, Once I drew it up, I sat down and made a list of EVERYTHING we needed from start to finish. I then categorized the list into "what we already had", "what we needed to buy", "what was needed for each individual project".

I then shopped around at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Wal-Mart, Publix, & Winn-Dixie.
I took my list of everything we needed and as I was shopping wrote down the price per item, or marked it off my list if I bought it. [This comes in handy because while doing regular shopping trips I got the information needed. When it gets close enough to buy the food part, I already know what store has it the cheapest and can get it on those trips. I won't waste gas this way]

*Sorry this has turned into a novel, Congratulations & Thank You if your still reading this far into it.*

Here's Everything I purchased so far from Dollar Tree:
[of course everything cost $1]
- 4 glass jars
-3 flower food trays
-2 picture frames
-construction paper
-glue sticks
-2 bags of gumballs
-bag of multicolored hard candy
-2 spools of ribbon
-pack of plastic silverware
-pink bin to hold silverware

Here's the List & Prices from Wal-Mart Trip #1:
-pack of large plates $.97
-pack of small plates $.97
-glitter ribbon $.97
-bag of dum dum lollipops $2.50
-pack of jelly beans $.97
-foam paint brush $.97
-tablecloth $.97
-napkins $.97
-flower pot $2.47
-foam ball $1.97
-acrylic paint $.57
-pink streamer $.97
-white streamer $.97

DT total : $17.12
WM total : $17.37
Total For Decorations : $34.49

This means I have $45.51 left to spend on food, presents, whatever extra pretty much!

Next Thursday I will be posting some of the decorations I've been working on. 
You'll basically watch the party transform from a bunch of bags to one of the prettiest parties on the planet (: Of course we'll filming it as we go. 

Give me Feedback or Questions below!

-xoxox brandi-

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