Thursday, September 20, 2012

Save your $10....Salon Express

So my husband surprised me by ordering this and having it delivered to me while he was at work. When the mail man came knocking on my door and assured me he wasnt at the wrong house I became excited. After getting my hopes up even higher from opening the box and seeing my husband had also ordered the extra like 30 something design plates.

Much to my surprise, this product totally sucks! I mean SUCKS! Save your ten bucks and go buy a nail polish or something. This product advertises "it works with ANY NAIL ART polish". Well folks I tried LA Deco Art, Sally Hansen ones, & some other brand Sally's carries. Every single one of them either smudged on the plate, stuck to the stamper, or wouldnt transfer at all and if it did transfer it was barely visible.  (The scraper also catches in the design grooves on some designs)

I thought maybe it was operator error but every other person I've talked to or let play around with mine had the same issues.

I guess for $10 I cant really complain, atleast my 4yr old stepdaughter has fun 'painting' lol

until next post.............XOXOX Brandi


  1. nice of your hubby to surprise you. I have this set, it isn't the best but I find it works with older thicker polish or polishes that are opaque in one coat. Also, I use an old gift card to scrape instead of the one it comes with.

    1. OOOO! I will definately have to try the thicker polishes and gift card trick! Thanks Girl (: