Friday, February 22, 2013

UPDATED: DIY nail polish rack

I did this awhile back and somehow the pictures on the blog went missing it goes again!

What you need:
3 foam boards (Dollar Store $1, Wal-Mart)
Razor Knife or Box Cutter
Hot Glue Gun

Optional Supplies:
Whatever you want to decorate it with.
(Spray Paint will eat through the foam.)

Take your first board and with your ruler and pencil draw a horizontal line every 5 inches.

Take your second board and cut out 6 2” horizontal pieces and put aside.

With the rest of the second board, cut out 6 1” horizontal pieces and put aside.

Take your third board and cut out 2 2 ½” vertical pieces and put aside.

I chose to cover some of the pieces with fabric.

Take your 2” pieces and glue them along the lines made on your first board. The last piece you should glue along the bottom edge of the board.

Make sure to glue along the top and bottom of the shelves as well.

You will take the 1' pieces and glue them on the front, It will creates a barrier to stop the polishes from falling off.

Finally, Glue the side pieces on and your done!

My finished wall rack!

It will hold about 90 polishes!
 Some choose to re-enforce the shelving part with nails. 

Happy Building (:
~XOXOX Brandi~

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