Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cheap & Easy way to clean your pack N play!!!

Everyone knows kids are messy. But I bet you have no idea just how messy they can be without you even seeing it! Most parents have a pack n play of some sort. Here's a way to save money on buying a new one OR being confident in buying a "previously loved" one.
Here is how I cleaned the one that a little girl I babysat brought to take naps in.

Here's all that you will need:

I used equal parts of each.*((( For my all natural mommy's you can substitute the laundry detergent to what you would normally use. I wash my son's stuff in all so that's what I used.)))
You'll also need your pack n play and something to soak it in, preferably a tub.
Step 1:
Fill your tub with hot water and the detergent, vinegar, and baking soda.
Step 2:
Submerge your pack n play!
(If your support board contains cardboard, be careful if you submerged it because it can warp. If it's disgusting like this one was, I'd suggest taking your chances.)

Step 3:
Check on it after about 20-30 mins, if it was already pretty clean it should be ready to rinse.
I let this one go for an hour, agitating it about every 20 mins. before rinsing.
Step 4:
Allow it to dry in the sun for a few hours. & Just like new!!!!



  1. I am washing this exact one and it looked just as bad. Hope it comes out the same

    1. Make sure not to let the cardboard stay soaking longer than needed and completely dry in the sun! Good Luck! Definitely let me know your outcome (: